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Ojas Ayurvedic Kitchen x Mei Mei Autumn Edition

Monday, December TBA, 5:30pm & 8pm seatings

Meet our team!

Chef In Charge & Recipe Innovator    b    freytsis@gmail.com    |    @bella_salomon

Chef In Charge & Recipe Innovator

bfreytsis@gmail.com | @bella_salomon

Bella Salomon

Bella Salomon is a physical therapist, registered yoga teacher, certified culinary nutrition expert and plant-based wellness chef. While she has been a passionate home cook for many years, it was while living in Israel that she fell in love with hosting dinners for guests with her husband Uriel through Eatwith, a hub for immersive food experiences. Her background in health care and training in culinary nutrition have contributed to her interest in using food to help people achieve optimal well-being.

In the kitchen she’s known for her attention to detail through interesting ingredients, garnishes, oil infusions, homemade ferments, and twists on otherwise traditional dishes. As the head chef of Ojas Ayurvedic Kitchen, Bella develops modern Ayurvedic recipes for our pop-up events and is available for hire for private parties, individuals, families and retreats. For the past two years, she’s been the personal chef and mama for her two young boys, and nourishing them is her most important job.

Wordsmith & Prep Cook    ahrens.yoga    |    @ahrensyoga

Wordsmith & Prep Cook

ahrens.yoga | @ahrensyoga

Laura Ahrens

Laura Ahrens is a yoga teacher and teacher of teachers, owner of The New School of Yogic Arts, and provider of quality yoga education that emphasizes the intersection of tradition and innovation. She has well over 800 hours of formal training and continues to study with her teachers.

She’s currently in Ayurveda school with Dr. Claudia Welch and Dr. Robert Svoboda. She teaches classes weekly in Brookline and the South End, co-leads Yoga/Ayurveda staycation retreats with Lauren Massalas, has led over 20 retreats and continues to lead several domestic and international retreats per year.

In addition to her work in Yoga & Ayurveda, Laura co-owns sustainable and vegan clothing company Miakoda

Ayurvedic Consultant & Prep Cook    laurenmassalas.com    |    @laurenmassalas

Ayurvedic Consultant & Prep Cook

laurenmassalas.com | @laurenmassalas

Lauren Massalas

Lauren Massalas is an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, yoga instructor, and registered nurse in the Mass Eye and Ear PACU. Lauren completed a 650 hour Ayurvedic training at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and leads workshops weaving yoga, Ayurvedic food, and lifestyle medicine. Lauren believes in the paradox that Ayurveda is a modern medicine, and her gift is to make this ancient system accessible regardless of life’s demands.

Lauren leads seasonal Yoga/Ayurveda staycation retreats with Laura Ahrens that provide immersive Ayurveda experiences. Catch Lauren at her weekly yoga classes in Brookline and the South End that emphasize Ayurveda.

Chef & Recipe Developer    natashawellness.com    |    @natashawellness

Chef & Recipe Developer

natashawellness.com | @natashawellness

Natasha Gayl Deych

Natasha is a holistic chef who uses personalized meal plans and custom-prepared meal delivery to help clients feel truly nourished. Inspired by Ayurveda, and with certifications in yoga and health coaching, Natasha teaches lifestyle and behavioral habits so that her nutrient-dense creations can be absorbed in every way.

Her approach is specialized to all of your wants and needs without sacrificing flavor and excitement. A coaching call precedes all cheffery. Natasha is super available to clients, and has been known to check in to offer support, real-time advice, and accountability to help you make lasting change. Check out Natasha’s solo pop-up, Soul Bowl Cafe, which brings seasonal smoothies, decked-out toasts, and dreamy lattes to Winthrop.


Slow Down, Love Hard, Live Juicy

Our mission is to bring the slow, seasonal food revolution to our community to encourage personal and collective health.

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